Double time stamping with Lovely Friends

Hello friends!  I’ve a sweet and lovely card to share with you today!  Lovely Friends is one of my favorites from the new catalog-I love the two step stamping with the flowers!  For those of you new to stamping, two step stamping is a way to make the stamped image a bit more “3-d”.  It involves stamping with a background image, then adding details with another stamp.  In the Lovely Friends stamp set, you’ll see there are 2 floral images. Stampin Up Lovely friends. Stampin up card ideas. Two step stamping. Stampin Up floral cards. Handmade cards. Cardmaking tutorials.

The darker image is the background.  Use a lighter color ink for this.  The patterned image should be a darker color to make it look like the different parts/shading of a flower.  You’ll also notice that both stamps should have a tab on them.  This is so you can make sure your images line in perfectly!  Just make sure the tabs are facing the same way when you switch stamps.

I did a little something more with this card as well.  Maybe you are familiar with “triple time stamping”?  If not, I’ve done a little tutorial-Triple Time Stamping.  I did double time stamping with this card, so its just one layer on top of the bottom.   Here’s what you’ll need:

-Whisper White base, 5 x 1/2″ by 8 x 1/2″, score at 4 x 1/4″
-Rose Red layer, 5 x 1/4″ by 4″
-Whisper White layer, 5″ by 3 x 3/4″*
-Rose Red layer, 3 x 3/4″ by 3″#
-Whisper White layer 3 x 1/2″ by 2 x 3/4″*

Start off by pulling out just the Whisper White layers (*).  With a bit of washi tape, place the smaller layer on top of the larger, in the center.  You’ll be stamping on both layers.  Take Rose Red ink and the larger background flower (the one that is completely colored in, not the accent stamp).  Ink up, and press down on the taped pieces as shown in the picture.  I generally have to “rock” the stamp just a wee bit to make sure both pieces of Whisper White get it.  TIP:  before you stamp, look at your stamp piece and wipe off any excess ink around the edges.  Because we are pressing firmly, you’ll get excess ink on the paper where you don’t want it!

Follow up with the inside accent stamp in Fresh Fig.  Then, with the accent smaller stamp, do some flowers around.  I used Old Olive to do the stems.  Now, gently peel off the smaller Whisper White layer, and adhere it to your Rose Red(#).  You’ll see that the flowers and stems create a kind of 3D look.  Stamp the sentiment in Rose Red, then assemble your card!

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