Be a unicorn pig!

Have you ever had one of those days, where everything seems to go wrong and you are just uber stressed about everything?  Today was one of those days for me!  We lost our daycare option at the last minute, so I’ve been scrambling to find someplace else that offers quality care for C, who is 3.5.  I start back work as a parapro mid-August, so its crunch time!  I did manage to set up 2 appointments for next week, so I decided to take a break and make a card.

My niece’s birthday is coming up, and she’ll be 9.  She loves unicorns and sparkly things…but I don’t have a unicorn stamp!

Never fear, pig is here!

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The “tail” is from the Cool Treats stamp set!  Its the “shadow” stamp for the popsicle-now that’s versatile!  I did have to print out a horn though, since I couldn’t find anything in my stamp sets that looked remotely like one.

I think she’ll like it!  Its blingy, and rainbow-y…and I got the saying off a coffee cup.  So, if you feel down today, remember that rainbows come after the rain, and it’ll get better!  If that doesn’t cheer you up…here’s a rainbow farting pighorse (or pigicorn).  Cheers!




  1. Kerri | 21st Jul 17

    Great things here

  2. Doreen | 21st Jul 17

    Love it!! So cute!

    • Rebecca Urban | 29th Jul 17

      Thank you Doreen! And thanks for stopping by!

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